You have not heard from me in days and days because I have been waylaid by an evil, yes EVIL sinus infection, and have not been able to come into work for the last two days. It is in my head, it is in my ears, it is in my jaw (which I didn't even know sinus infections could do, but apparently they can). The pressure is killing me! I asked very nicely if Tony would drill a small hole in my head to let the pressure out, and he said no! Then I asked if he would just gently break my occipital bone to let the pressure out, and he said no again! Then I asked if he would just remove some of my teeth to get the pressure out of my jaw, and he still refused! You just can't get good healthcare these days. I have decided that my theme song for this sinus infection is Zombie by the Cranberries. For the past few days I have been laying around moaning, "In my heeaaaaaaad, In my heeeeee-aaaaad, they are fight-ting...With their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns, in my head, in my head, they are dy-ying!" When the fever spiked, Tony decided enough was enough and took me to a walk-in clinic. After an hour in the waiting room, the doctor spent MAYBE 75 seconds with me, most of which consisted of looking in my ears and going "yep. mucus" then looking at my throat and going "yep. Mucus" and then writing a couple of prescriptions. Then it was off to the pharmacy, to get my happy little hot pink pills. On the way home I was reading on the box of pills that side effects included nausea and diarrhea, but only in 1% of the population. Guess what. You just happen to be talking to 1% of the population. But who cares! If it will get the pressure out of my head, I can put up with a little additional bathroom time.