Banana Pudding cake

I don't claim to bake by any stretch of the imagination, but every now and then I get the taste for a confectionary delight, and 9 times out of 10, the only way I'm going to satisfy that craving is to make that something myself. Hence my recipe for banana pudding cake, which has been painstakingly handed down through the generations with love and care...that is, right up until somebody posted it on http://, at which point I printed it out and claimed it as my own. (It's faaaaaabulous!) Besides, the bananas were hitting that point where they were too brown to eat, so it was the perfect solution. I had it out and iced when Tony came home, and he immediately swarmed it. I told him that he had to have dinner first before he ate cake (Boooooo!) so he stuffed down some pasta and then tore into the cake. I swear he had a 4th of it, and was stuffing it into his mouth like it'd the last thing that he'd ever eat. Anyway, I asked him if it was good, and he said yes. He had finished the piece off when I asked him why he would eat banana pudding cake, but not banana pudding itself. He announces that it's because he hates bananas. I told him that there were bananas in the cake. He throws his fork down, announces that the cake is yucky, and he KNEW that something tasted bad in there, and that he was just eating it to be nice, and how could I TRICK him into eating bananas, and try to POISON him like that? He stared morosely at the rest of the cake for the entire night. Imagine, a whole cake, RUINED by bananas! I immediately told him that I was just kidding about the bananas, and that I only told him that so that he'd save some cake for me, but he wasn't buying it. Nooooo, now he could TASTE them in there! Blech!

All this time, it never occurred to me that he didn't like bananas. We keep bananas in the house! He eats my banana bread! (When I pointed this out, he said that the bread was yucky too.) He's so silly. Like a child who has suddenly decided that he no longer likes a certain food, even though he doesn't know it when he's eating it. I'm not sure what's worse...the idea that I deliberately tried to feed him a food that he didn't like, or that after five years, I don't know what he likes and doesn't like.