Cocoa Bean

I dyed my hair last night. Nothing drastic, just one of those washes-out-in-28-shampoos, home dye kit. I was sitting in church, trying to listen to the sermon, and all of a sudden I think, "I feel like dying my hair again." So we stop by our local Kroger on the way home, and Tony immediately picks out this bleach blond. I told him no. Said it would look weird with my coloring. He says no, I'd just look like a blond with a tan. (I think he always wanted a blond, but ended up with me instead. Doesn't really bother me though...I always thought that I'd marry a guy with hair period. Just goes to show that what you thought was important isn't always so). Anyway, he picked up "cocoa bean" next, which was pretty close to my natural hair color, and that was what I was looking for anyway. It's a little darker, and it's got a bit more shine to it that my current color "mousy brown". I came in today and all the girls were like, "Your hair looks fantastic! Where did you get it colored?" None of the guys have noticed, which I guess is pretty par for the course as far as guys are concerned. I like it. It was just enough change. Of course, it will just get lighter again through my 28 shampoos, but that's okay. I didn't want to mess with roots showing, so I wanted something that would fade back into normalcy.

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Anonymous said...

Just happened upon your blog, also reading at work. I can relate to your daily little events, cracks me up.