So I came home from work yesterday to discover that one of my fish had inexplicably headed to the big fish tank in the sky. No disease. No injury. No note. Just gills up, and lodged as deeply into the plants as he could possibly float. I had to uproot the entire plant to get him out. (I say I did it...actually, I had Tony dig him out). I claim emotional attachment to the little buggers, but I think it's really more of a gross factor for me. A quick burial at sea (via flush), and life goes on.

I find it easier to take if I look at them as "living decorations" like plants, as opposed to pets. That's my most important piece of advice for new fish owners. Fish are NEVER pets...that's also why they don't get names. Name a fish, and it's like daring it to keel over-which it will happily oblige. Besides, if you ask me, that Gourami looked old anyway. Fish only live a couple of years(with some exceptions) and who knows how long he was in the store?