Home Improvement

We spent the weekend tiling the kitchen. There was a workshop on how to tile on Saturday at Lowe's, so Mom and I went. After gathering necessary tools and such ,(which took about 5 hours, but that also includes the detour around to the plants section, and dinner) we began our tiling adventure. We started at 10pm, but Tony came back downstairs at midnight and told us that we were being too noisy and to quit. He and I picked it back up again on Sunday morning, and tiled until about 5:00 when we ran out of tile (exactly 12 tiles short- I KNEW the Lowes "tile expert" didn't order enough!) Tony is ordering more tile today (special order) and the rest will probably show up Wed or Thurs. Then we'll be able to finish. It's both easier and harder to do than what I thought it would be. Easier because the technique is rather simple...harder because you have to do it while leaning over at a 90 degree angle to get under the cabinets. It definitely falls under the "manual labor" category, but we're saving ourselves $8 a sq foot by doing it ourselves instead of having it professionally installed. Plus it looks really good, if I do say so myself.